Monday, September 27, 2010

Cellar Space

This is a before picture in part of the cellar! The old shelf was there when we moved in, and my canning for this year was overflowing, and I needed another shelf! (the cardboard flats were disintegrating from the moisture & mold we had trouble with before we got a dehumidifier, thankfully we now have one!)

This is the other shelf my wonderful hubby
made fore me! He used leftover materials from a job to put it together and it's VERY sturdy!

(Sorry about the underlining, I can't figure out how to take it off!)

Here is everything afterwards! All organized and on the shelves, no cardboard or clutter!
We are working on the cellar one step at a time to make it look as nice as we can! Hope to paint the walls and floor, replace windows and put the ductwork up in the floor joists so we don't have to duck under them all the time!

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